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Waterproof A Property - The ABC’s

When owning a property, you are entirely responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior structures that belong to it and making sure it’s waterproofing is no exception. It is often much more useful to take preventive measures than to repair property damages. Not to mention the fact that it could end up saving you tons of cash.


Why waterproof your Property?

Risk of Water Damage

Waterproofing is crucial for the structure’s point of stability. Once the construction is damaged, it’s hard to recover back to its original state. Once cracks form in the property’s room, it may cause leakages in the long haul, mainly because of the accumulated damp spots during rainy seasons. Roof leaks spread throughout the property and may damage wood structures, inbuilt furniture, and electrical appliances. Besides, they could weaken the property’s walls. This could ultimately cause damage to the property’s appearance and structure and provide the ideal environment for mildew and mold to grow.

Water Leakage Issues

If you live in an area that often experiences heavy rain, then your property has a higher chance of experiencing damage of some sort. Leaking roofs is one of the most commonly encountered property damages. This can be extremely dangerous if you have seniors in the house or young children running around since water puddles accumulated from the leaks can be slippery, and slippery floors are a dangerous thing to have.


You’ve probably heard this before, but we’ll repeat it, prevention is much better than cure. Just think of it the way you consume supplements to maintain your body health, you must have the right building waterproofing service to ensure your property’s health.

Health Risks

In a property that isn’t well waterproofed, trapped moisture could become a safe haven for molds, fungi, and bacteria to grow. The growth of these micro-organisms may lead to serious health hazards to individuals working or residing in the building, which leads to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other infections and irritations. Stagnant water due to regular water leakage could also breed mosquitoes and pose even more severe health risks, such as dengue fever.


Most Common Essential Waterproofing Services

Concrete foundation waterproofing has to do with preventing water intrusion of the subtle water seepage from flooding whenever the ground gets over-saturated. This is an essential step in any building maintenance and should not be forgotten.

Many terraces and balcony areas have been created just over living spaces. It could be a flat roof over living spaces or extensions, bedrooms, kitchens, or even on top of an apartment complex. Serious attention must be given to ensuring that a balcony surface is properly sealed and waterproofed.

Balcony Waterproofing is required to protect and preserve any area located below a balcony from any perennial water ingression problems. In areas that are susceptible to frequent rainfall or snow, waterproofing a balcony surface is an elementary part of any building work and should not be neglected.

Sealing balcony areas and waterproofing accordingly must be a well-thought-out adventure and should be applied correctly from the onset. Otherwise, the consequences could be quite severe.

Flat roofs are usually concrete roofs and are a popular construction form. However, the issue here is that concrete isn’t waterproof, which means that a particular waterproof membrane needs to be carefully fitted on top of the concrete surface to seal it properly. One of the most popular ways to close it is using a torch-one system, which is applied using a gas flame, and later an aluminum coating that protects it from the sun.

This tends to last around ten full years, but must be regularly maintained. If it’s been more than a couple of years since your last flat roof inspection, you may be at a high risk of experiencing a roof problem.

All parking decks pose a challenge to build and maintain. They must effectively protect vehicles while withstanding the damaging emissions that come out of them. Furthermore, it must endure mechanical damage and cyclic weathering. Parking deck leaks are a common problem in the industry and should be dealt with professionally.

Nothing is more critical to a rooftop solar installation than ensuring that the holes drilled into the roof don’t develop any leaks. The intrusion of water is the #1 cause of litigation associated with construction and can lead to serious damage. Leaks that aren’t well addressed during the early stages may ultimately compromise the building envelope’s integrity. The mold that is created by undetected moisture may damage one’s health. Professional waterproofing is probably the best insurance one can buy.

Rising masonry moisture over long periods may result in considerable damages. A sign for such damages could be salt efflorescence, moist wallpapers, flaking plaster and mold buildup, which can obviously be extremely harmful.

Koster horizontal barriers effectively stop the rising moisture present in existing buildings and new construction to protect the valuable property. Rising moisture is one of the most common causes of masonry wall damage. Rising moisture damage can be effectively avoided by installing a horizontal barrier.

With more and more water shortages in South Africa, the need to preserve this invaluable commodity has never been this huge.

TPO Aqua complies with the strict hygienic requirements for drinking water surroundings by the German DVGW Worksheet W 270. The TPO-based membrane is extremely tear resistant and offers high flexibility, which securely bridges even large cracks. The membrane is put in place by mechanical fastening, needing minimal to zero substrate preparation.

Professional waterproofing companies also offer water Containment Seal systems. Make sure to get a system from a company with a proven track record, as you may need them to be available if something goes wrong.

It certainly pays to have your box gutter adequately maintained and continuously cleaned out. This is due to the simple fact that box gutter leaks have much more detrimental consequences than a regular external gutter leak. Aside from the devastating misery they may cause, leaking box gutters cost the industry billions of dollars every year in production disruptions, maintenance costs, and stock loss. Box gutters regularly discharge water into buildings mainly due to old roofing membranes, which line the joint failure and gutters. Another cause is the severe corrosion and substrate failure present in unlined metal gutters.

With any terrace and garden roof comes the need for professional garden waterproofing. This is a vital service for protecting structures against leaks and water damage during and after installing a garden roof.

Slate roof waterproofing is another popular waterproofing service. Malthoid often gets damaged from the sun. To effectively shore up leaks and protect against any possible future leaks, a complete re-roofing is often performed – removing the old, ineffective waterproofing structures and replacing them with an all-new waterproofing system and malthoid. Any cracked or broken tiles should also be repaired or replaced when putting back in place.

Asbestos roofs can also get porous with time, which means that cracks develop and that leaks are very likely to appear. This doesn’t just disturb the well being of those staying in the building, but if left unmaintained, a leak can threaten the entire structure’s integrity. What just begins as a trickle could ultimately bring the whole place down. All leaks have to be dealt with rapidly and with care.

The Firestone RubberGard EPDM roof waterproofing systems have been designed for flat roofs of industrial and commercial buildings, including big residential developments, office buildings, schools, and hospitals.

It is based on large EPDM rubber membranes. It comes with a wide range of essential accessories to match all kinds of roof conditions and in all environment types, providing unrivaled performance when it comes to durability.

Hire the right company to waterproof your property

If you think your property may need waterproofing, then it probably does. However, don’t make the costly mistake of trying to take on the task all by yourself. Leave it to the pros.

Finding a waterproofing company isn’t a challenging task. You can find a company within minutes through a quick web search. However, not every company you stumble upon is necessarily reliable. You must make sure the company you choose to work with is registered and licensed with a government authority.

You also want to work with a company with the required experience, tools, and skills to carry out the job correctly. Do your homework and find yourself a professional waterproof company; it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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