Meet the Team


Themi Stergianos

Founder and Owner

Themi believed in the EPDM product and process so much, that Waterprooflab was founded in the middle of a drought and he took it to a thriving business in no time. As serial entrepreneur, personal growth advocate and qualified business coach, he is very hands-on with his team, invested in their well-being and personal growth.
When he is not at his desk or up on a roof, you will find him on a surfboard with his teenagers, training at the dojo, or at home manning the braai


Angelo Kasfikis

Installation Manager & Team Leader

Angelo manages and cares for his installation team. Under his guidance, the team adheres to strict business and EPDM installation protocols. He goes out of his way to make both his client and his team happy. When he is not managing jobs concurrently, he can be found at his DJ desk or out catching a wave or two in the Cape Town ocean.


Graeme Rogers

Quotes & Operations Manager

Graeme is a natural problem solver and strives to find solutions to the most complex issues our clients present. With a gift for demystifying what others may consider as unsolvable, he is often found up on the roof, on balconies or at build sites, being hands-on with engineers and architects alike. When he is not at work, you will find him on his Street Bob Harley Davidson, winding his way through a magnificent pass or mountain road.


Yiannis Vlissides

Part Director

With 28 years experience in construction Yianni adds tremendous value to all queries relating to waterproofing and building
At any available gap, Yianni is a Alsatian dog lover and finds solace in walking his dogs in the beautiful mountains that surround Cape Town

Hendrik Holder

Business & Sales Developer

Hendrik brings a most interesting dynamic to the team. Originally from Johannesburg, he manages operations with Graeme. He thrives on quality and perfection and we love the high standard and interesting dynamic he has brought to our fledging team. If hendrik is not on roofs, he is surfing Muizenburg with his 9 footer.

Ismael Mongola

Senior Installer

Ismaeli is thorough dependable and most reliable. He is passionate about his craft and takes utmost care in what he does. He has an eye for detail and is an asset to the team. When he is not working on an installation, he loves tinkering on motorbikes and cars.

Joe Lloyd

Team Member and Installer

Joe is a true leader. He is technical and enjoys the responsibility of leading his team from start to finish. When he is not working, you'll find Joe playing footies and spending time with his wife and son.



Team Member and Installer

Loves his work and cares about
Waterproof Lab clients



Team Member and Installer

Conscientious and real problem solver


Kenneth Lawani

Team Member and Installer

An ability to get things done

Approach Tarusundirwa

Conventions Member

Approach is conventions member of the Waterproof Lab. She attends to the cleanliness of our Waterproof Head Quarters and is always there to help and fill in where we need her. She is an important member of team.
Approach has strong family values and a caring mother of two lovely children

Charlyn Cameron

Customer Champion and Office Admin

Charlyn is our Administration Manger and Lead Champion. She attends to all our administration and deal with all our Leads, Convertions and Clients expectations. She is a valued team member. Charlyn enjoys a surf from time to time. She is a proud mum and loves spending time with her family.

Our Awesome Culture

The founder of Waterproof Lab identified the need to offer specialist waterproofing solutions to the professionals like architects and engineers. This was clear from the diabolical state of the industry that generally seemed to lack work ethics and truly offer unique and lasting waterproofing solutions that work. Most importantly to build a company based on values that are solutions based, look after their people and honesty.  The rest will take care of itself.  Waterproof Lab has become a reputable force in the local waterproofing market known for their honesty and solution based specialised waterproofing systems and methodology.  

Waterproof Lab continuously strives to update its knowledge by attending leading international waterproofing conferences and exhibitions and now imports reputable brands that allow the South African Building industry to compete with the best waterproofing systems in the world.  Currently, Waterproof Lab is the sole importer of Firestone RubberGard™ EPDM rubber membranes and accessories. This allows architects, engineers and building contractors to offer sustainable waterproofing solutions for flat roofs, water containment structures like dams and reservoirs, commercial box gutters, balconies & basements.

Solutions Based Outcomes

Waterproof Lab strives to upgrade the standard of waterproofing in the South African Building Industry. Our thinking is fresh. We think out of the box for our clients and find solutions that most cannot. Our waterproofing systems and solutions are tried and tested internationally.  We only associate with the top brands worldwide, that are proven in this industry. We continuously upgrade our skill sets and offer training to our industry, with one goal in mind – to be the leading professional South African brand that is known for its attention to detail & customer service.

Looking After Our People

Waterproof Lab only has people who want to be here. Our team strives to support one another at all times. We believe that if we have happy people, who care about their customers, are passionate about making a difference and have high standards all round, then in turn our clients will be happy!

Honesty and Positive Human Values

Waterproof Lab only advise clients on solutions that will work in the long term. We do not offer short term solutions. We strive to remove the cost of ongoing maintenance for clients due to inferior waterproofing applications and solutions. 

We will rather walk away from a project than sell a client short.  We understand that by offering honest advice to our clients, whether they be architects, engineers, building contractors, or any other end user with complex waterproofing problems and solutions, we will grow our market share and our reputation. Happy clients tell others, period!  We believe, if our team strives for positive human values, they will care for everybody they deal with.  

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