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Waterpoofing Flat Roof

Waterpoofing Flat Roof Waterpoofing Flat Roof Cape Town Are you noticing any leaks, puddles, or fractures on your roof? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider waterproofing your flat roof. Waterproofing flat roof has many advantages and will pay off in the long term. Since the...

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Waterproofing Rubber

Waterproofing Rubber Waterproofing Rubber Cape Town Waterproof Lab’s latest waterproofing rubber membrane offers superior waterproofing and protection that’s designed to keep moisture off the surface. Whether you need rubberized asphalt, elastomer bitumen, modified polymer or liquid applied rubber, we do it all and more. We offer roof waterproofing, in addition...

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Rubberized Waterproofing

The Benefits of Rubberized Waterproofing for your Roof Rubberized Roof Waterproofing Benefits EPDM rubber (Rubberized Waterproofing) and its derivative, liquid rubber, have been a staple in Cape Town’s rubberized waterproofing industry. However, it is most commonly used to patch up leaks and drips, often when the roof is damaged in...

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