Case Studies

Case Studies

Adrian Allardice

I have used Waterproof Lab on two occasions recently and have been very impressed with their service and expertise on both occasions. In August, 2018, Waterproof Lab repaired a flat roof over a stoep, and lined a water feature at my house, that were both leaking. The flat roof was originally waterproofed with ‘Torch-on’ some 20 years ago and has leaked numerous places over the years. Each time, the same product was used to repair the waterproofing, without permanent success. It seems to be an inferior product, which is difficult or impossible to install on any flat roof that is slightly difficult, despite my using the most highly recommended installers (5 different firms over the years!). I finally decided to the EPDM product, based on published reviews and chose Waterproof Lab as the installer.

They impressed me at being extremely efficient at installing the product – and I am renowned for being difficult to please! I have had no problems since then.

At the same time, they lined a water feature that was leaking – the builder had waterproofed it with a liquid product, that did not live up to to it’s supposed claims. Again, the EPDM has shown no signs of leaking since it was installed. Based on my satisfaction with their work at my house, In October, 2018, I asked Waterproof Lab to provide me with expert opinion on major water leaks that have been occurring at a new block of apartments, Hugon Place in Claremont, of which I am a Trustee. They pointed out numerous problems that the builder / developer & well-known waterproofing company had failed to identify to us, or address properly, and the latter are currently attempting to fix these problems – which they have not managed to solve during the previous two years. Again ‘Torch-On’ had been used at this site; if it leaks again, I will be recommending to the other Trustees, that we appoint Waterproof Lab to install EPDM.

I would highly recommend Waterproof Lab for their expertise – from their expert advice, I would doubt that there is anyone in South Africa more knowledgeable than them – excellent service and what appears to be a much superior and more reliable product.

Bruce and Vanessa

Bruce & I would like to highly recommend your Company for its standard of workmanship & attention to detail, from the time we contacted you for assistance, to the time you handed us a not inconsiderable bill for work well & successfully completed.

As you know, we had endless trouble in trying to find a solution to the problem of stopping our continuously leaking low pitch flat roof, to no avail. Since 2000 we have been trying everything to alleviate our distress during rainy weather & it was only after contacting Waterproof Lab, that you managed to solve our problem for us.

The EPDM membrane which you guys applied in February, 2019, is the only solution that has finally worked! It’s such a weird feeling now when it rains, I don’t have to rush around putting drip catchers all over the house. It’s not cheap, but it does work…. And you’re also all such nice guys!

We’ve had ZERO issues with the section you did last year. Bruce recently completed the Polycrete on the remaining corrugated sections, but is not yet convinced that we need the membrane – time will tell, we may need you to come & quote after winter!

Thanks once again for helping us to overcome our nemesis. We’ll recommend you to all our friends & acquaintances.

Catherine Bothner

Water started seeping into our spare room after a crack formed in our wall following road construction. We faced a potentially extremely costly and disruptive repair, but Waterproof lab were recommended to us through our plumber and we asked them to consult on the best solution. The team were incredibly generous with their time, doing a few site inspections before coming up with a proposed repair plan. It was not an easy repair as required working with a number of contractors over a short period of time. The team were always professional and on time, got the job done efficiently and with really good, quality results. We have had no issues following the use of the RubberGard membrane, even during the most torrential rain. Thank you Waterproof lab for your excellent service, we would definitely use you again for any waterproofing needs!

Chad Noble

I can highly recommend Waterproof Lab for their professional service. Dealing with a leaking roof is a tricky matter. WaterproofLab are always available for follow up and are truly interested in ensuring a lasting solution for their customers. Chad Noble, Claremont.

Gilbert Nortje

A magnificent new residence on the slopes of Noordhoek, overlooking the sea, was nearing completion. After the roof had been waterproofed with a ‘Torch-On’ material, the owners decided to install Solar Heating panels on top of the waterproofing. However, the waterproofing company was not prepared to stand by their guarantee, due to the fact that the some 150 anchors attaching the panels to the roof would penetrate their material & compromise the integrity of the waterproofing.


The owners then instructed that another Waterproofing Company be appointed, who would stand by their guarantee, to re-waterproof over the existing cover, despite the extra expense. At that stage the Project Manager was introduced to Waterproof Lab, who has a unique system, which makes provision for penetrating & then re-sealing their EPDM RubberGard Membrane, so well that they were happy to underwrite their application under their normal warranty. This was duly successfully completed, in time to be thoroughly tested during a couple of months of torrential rain.

It was a pleasure to deal with the management & staff of Waterproof Lab, who were always reliable, on time & successfully carried out their task, to the total satisfaction of all concerned.

Jeff Levy

I now understand why John said this was the best waterproofing system he had ever used. I am extremely impressed with the system and the application.

I arrived as Angelo finished inspecting. It is just what I had wanted.

Thank you also, for leaving the site without any evidence of you guys having worked there for those 3 to 4 hours.

Mr Perry Harrison

Having tried several different waterproofing products, with negative results, we were introduced to Waterproof Lab, who are accredited Distributors & Applicators of EPDM RubberGard Waterproofing Membrane, in South Africa. After a number of tests to ensure that the adhesion would be good, to the interior of 3 underground concrete water storage tanks, & the assurance from Waterproof Lab, that their material was eco- friendly for ponds used to sustain underwater life, or other water-retaining and storage structures, such as water-reservoirs, we decided to award them the contract to reline the tanks.

We are very happy with the product and the professional service that goes with it. It worked where other products had failed. Far less mess combined with better efficiency means we will use the product and Waterproof Lab again.