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Waterproof Asbestos

Waterproof Asbestos

Waterproof Asbestos

Countless buildings, warehouses, factories, homes and office buildings are constructed using asbestos roof sheeting and other asbestos based or containing products.   Many of these asbestos products have become damaged or are weathered and as a result the risk of airborne asbestos fibres floating about in the atmosphere poses a significant health threat. 

While asbestos removal may seem like the obvious choice to alleviate the dangers,  it’s often a complicated, expensive and lengthy process which needs to be conducted under strict controls.  In contrast, opting to cover or waterproof asbestos within a seamless, protective waterproof coating, is possibly the safest and most cost effective method of asbestos management involving relatively little disturbance of the asbestos, on-site time and thereby minimising risk.

Waterproof Lab has a unique asbestos waterproofing system to regenerate most asbestos roofs, and the system allows for a waterproofing warranty that can outlive the life of most buildings.


Asbestos Roof Waterproofing

Other benefits of using Waterproof Lab’s Firestone RubberGard™ EPDM for waterproofing asbestos roofs and rejuvenation of asbestos roofs are:

    • EPDM membrane may be laid over asbestos and other materials
    • EPDM remains unaffected by extreme temperature variations having been exhaustively tested to withstand temperatures varying from -40 to 110 degrees Celsius.
    • Easy to apply
    • Highly flexible – will not tear, split or crack
    • EPDM is fire resistant
    • EPDM is the most environmentally friendly waterproofing product on the market, as it is recyclable.

EDMA has a proven resistance to aging so with a 50 year minimum proven life expectancy, as well as a 20-year guarantee for roofing and structural waterproofing works your building will be safe and asbestos-free for generations to come.

waterproof asbestos
waterproof asbestos

Frequently Asked Questions

A rubber membrane that is available in rolls measuring 3m, 6m  or 9m wide & 30m long, which can either be loose laid or fully adhered, to flat roofs of various substrates, with a lifestyle expectancy of 50 years.  Click here to get an overview of the different EPDM roofing systems 

With an integral UV protector in its manufacture, it has been proven to last in excess of 50 years, through a range of climatic  conditions, including rain & snow, below freezing, to the hottest, ultraviolet laden sun; 

Applying EPDM is a simple process, employing a specially formulated  contact adhesive & sealants, to lay over a flat roof or other surface & once adhered, smoothed out to ensure a crease & bubble free finish; 

Over more than 50 years, EPDM has been manufactured to a special blend of environmentally friendly materials, including UV inhibitors, which has been proven to last in excess of 50 years, under the most adverse conditions – successful where others have generally failed; 

One of the benefits of EPDM, is that it does not require protection from the elements, which saves on on-costs over the years. This is unlike similar competitive products which a Silvakote or similar every 2-3 years to maintain the warranty and protect the membrane from the sun.  However, should one prefer a coloured aesthetic finish, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be coated with an acrylic-based paint; 

There is absolutely no reason why it should not work as well on pitched roofs. In fact it presents a very sensible option to waterproofing, with the ability to cover the existing roof cladding, without having to reroof, be it metal, tile, or whatever, & it will be particularly effective, due to the pitch enabling even greater water management; 

This total installation cost will depend on the amount of detail required to waterproof.  Size of roof & the number of water outlets or other penetrations, such as water &/r air-conditioning pipes, are a variables that can attribute the total installation cost.   However, we would like to assess each situation on it’s merits, so we can estimate the least expensive price to assist our clients – so please get contact us at +27824151694 so we can discuss your project.   

Each project has its own merits however in general, EPDM membrane may be laid over asphalt or other materials, by first laying a sheet of ‘Bidem’ to protect it from the original material.  

No problem; simply lay a screed of cement over the protected EPDM, ensure is a ‘fall’ in the substrate to allow water to efficiently drain to the outlets and tile’.  We do this all the time and this feature sets us apart from most waterproofing membranes in the market, 

There are many materials which have historically been used for waterproofing flat roofs. However Waterproof Lab’s RubberGard EPDM membrane has become the membrane of choice in many countries, on account of its ability to stretch, reduce number of joints required, ease of application, protection against UV & cost effectiveness; 

  1. It is most eco-friendly, having been used for years as a pool liner which sustains fish life & plant growth. Firestone RubberGard EPDM is an inert roofing material with limited environmental impact during manufacturing, installation and use: 
  • The initial production of the membrane has a low embodied energy number. 
  • The effectiveness of the EPDM polymer results in low quantities of polymer being required to obtain proper mechanical and physical properties. 
  • During the membrane’s service life, no toxic substances are released from the membrane, allowing collection and use of run-off rainwater for household applications. 
  • EPDM is a very highly durable material: Firestone RubberGard EPDM has outstanding weathering characteristics and a life expectancy up to 50 years. 
  • In regions like South Africa where Heat Degree Days outnumber the CoolDegree Days, a black EPDM membrane on top of a properly insulated roof can help to save energy and reduce associated carbon emissions. 
  • At the end of its service life, the membrane can be recycled and re-used 

For more information on eco-friendly properties of the Firestone EPDM Roofing and Lining Systems, download the EPDM Sustainability Brochure  

These ecological benefits, in combination with the membrane’s life expectancy of up to 50 years, make RubberGard EPDM an environmentally friendly roofing solution. 

Due to the ever increasing concern for the environment, green roofs are becoming a regular part of our landscape. The RubberGard EPDM membrane has successfully passed the FLL test for root penetration resistance in green roofs. It is an ideal membrane for combination with extensive green roof systems using lightweight and low maintenance sedum vegetation.  

The ecological benefits of a green roof system are numerous:  

  • Reduction of the urban heat island effect  
  • Reduction of energy costs  
  • Stormwater management  
  • New habitats for plants and animals  
  • Improved air quality  
  • Reduction of noise pollution  

Combine this with a Solar System solution, will be the ultimate in saving energy costs and reduction of carbon emissions – click here to find your eco-friendly solution or Green Roofing System  

  1. A resounding yes.  See how we did this here in an installation we did in the leafy suburbs of Noordhoek in Cape Town – see Waterproof Lab Facebook Page for video showing how we do it 


It has many benefits, which are listed in our ‘Benefits & Gains’ brochure. 

For best results, you will require a measuring tape, a chalk line, a pair of scissors, a paint brush & a rubber roller; 

It is always best to allow the substrate to dry before applying the membrane, as it is important to ensure that the bond between the membrane & the surface is not compromised.   

EPDM is a blend of materials – Ethylene, Propylene, Diene Monomer, which imparts it’s outstanding flexibility, strength & waterproofing characteristics, making it the most ideal, long lasting, material to use for any waterproofing problems, most particularly, flat concrete or other, roofs; 

EPDM is tough, flexible & resilient to foot traffic. Unlike most other waterproofing membranes, one of Waterproof Lab’s EPDM roofing systems main benefit is that it is also very easily & quickly repaired in the event of accidental damage simply cut a patch, apply a primer and Formflash patchto the damaged area, allow to dry & stick the patch down – & wallah! you once again have an uncompromised waterproof roof/deck!  See video for explanation  

  1. We currently import rolls of EPDM, measuring 6m wide x 30m long x 1.14mm thick, thus effectively giving access to a square area of 180m2.  We can get bigger sizes too but imagine covering 180m2 with now seams! 

NB: Detailed instructions as to the application procedures of our EPDMappear in our website, as do videos of the full application procedure.  Click here to access the information  


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