EPDM Rubbergard: Roof Waterproofing Solutions in 2021

EPDM Rubbergard

Over the years, waterproofing companies have undergone several massive changes both in terms of methodologies and technologies. As regional experts in the field of roof waterproofing solutions, delivering the best-in-class results with 100% customer satisfaction, we aim to make sure that every client gets the best waterproofing for roofs solutions available on the market! EPDM RubberGard are becoming more and more popular due to innovative techniques.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at this product and how it has become the market leader in terms of roof waterproofing solutions.

What’s EPDM RubberGard?

The term ‘EPDM RubberGard’ was derived from ‘Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer RubberGard. Here, Ethylene, Propylene & Diene are the names of chemical substances that this substance is made out of. These compounds are the force behind the product that provides enhanced pliability, longevity, and above all, compatibility for the purposes it’s utilized for.

EPDM RubberGard technology is used and serves a great purpose on automobile windows & doors, grip-providing surfaces for moist and watery parks, and especially for roof waterproofing. With EPDM Rubbergard for roof waterproofing, you enjoy remarkable trustworthiness with firmness, pliability, and above all, resistance to temperature and weather conditions.

EPDM Roof Waterproofing

Let’s get a further understanding of how exactly it works. First things first, there’s no particular type of system that operates the EPDM Waterproofing for Roofs. Instead, there are multiple ways to utilize the product, as we’ll discuss further in the article. Basically, it’s used in the form of rubber sheets, one placed at a time, alongside various other significant constituents, such as vapor diffusion retarders, thermally insulative materials, and different relevant fitments.

Take an expert’s note, like ours. EPDM Waterproofing is probably the most reliable, cost-efficient, and durable roof waterproofing solution out there today, and includes dozens of remarkable features. The best part is that it helps in most situations, whether intense or moderate. We love the fact that regardless of its pliability, it’s made of tough materials that don’t let it shred or get torn off easily, and withstands treacherous conditions. It stays intact in the face of harsh weather conditions, even UV Rays.
Here are some of its prominent applications that help in the real world

Geomembranes & Living Roofs

EPDM Roof Waterproofing can be your solution towards formulating a geomembrane or living roof by preventing water leakage and maintaining an appropriate temperature at all times. What’s better is the longevity – it lasts for decades if not centuries!

Water Rooftops

Water rooftops have become more and more popular in recent years, and so have the demands for proper waterproofing methods. With EPDM Waterproofing for Roofs, you get to enjoy the most efficient and appropriate solutions for making this dreamy look come to life, without any leaks!

Solar Rooftops

It is essential to ensure that your roofing can withstand your solar panels and last longer than the solar panel itself. Gladly, EPDM RubberGard Solar Roof Waterproofing can last a lot longer than 50 years, which is more than enough!

Water Tank Liners

EPDM RubberGard Roof Waterproofing can withstand harsh weather, water or heat, without letting one element get through it. Its combined rigidity and flexibility make it perfect for water tank liners.

firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing
firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing
firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing

Why Is Waterproofing CRUCIAL For Your Property?

Don’t make the mistake many suffer from when maintaining their property’s roof. Whether you possess a residential or commercial property, it is crucial to make sure your roof is maintained safe and secure. One of the ways you can achieve that is by ensuring reliable roof waterproofing has been conducted.

Waterproofing a roof has the following benefits:

  • Eliminates unwanted surprises: Imagine watching a romantic film one winter evening with your spouse, enjoying that warm tea when all of a sudden.. IT RAINS ON YOU! Sounds like a nightmare? Well, it could be if you don’t waterproof your roof regularly! The consequences of neglecting your property’s roof can come at the most unwanted of times. Make sure to avoid those embarrassing surprises and get your roof properly maintained before the rainy season kicks in!
  • Increases a property’s value: If your property is on sale or is gonna hit the market anytime soon, you want to make sure proper roof waterproofing has been conducted. Anybody who would be interested in purchasing your property will certainly cover the roof during the inspection period. You don’t want any negative points coming out on that report! The better your roof, the more reasonable the requested property price can look!
firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing
firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing
firestone epdm rubbergard, roof waterproofing