EPDM waterproofing of reservoir for desalination plant

Water restrictions have had a great effect on industry in the Western Cape with nurseries, swimming pool installers and car washes some of the more obvious examples of sectors being influenced together with the food, wine, mining, power generation and construction industries. Agriculture is one of the hardest hit with farmers planting and harvesting less which leads to workers being laid off. Water is literally embedded in everything that is produced and consumed and if you, as a business owner, want to keep your doors open, you need to come up with your own solutions to address the water shortages.

Waterproof Lab in collaboration with Waterbrothers recently completed a large-scale waterproofing project for a corporate client (located in Cape Town port) that’s taking initiative to meet the water demands of their business. Project engineers wanted to resurrect an old unused reservoir that’s to be used as part of a desalination plant ̶ supplying fresh water for industrial use.


The waterproofing process

The project engineers were looking for a solution to clean out the reservoir and line it with a waterproofing product and opted to use EPDM. Waterproof Lab and Waterbrothers joined forces to line the entire reservoir with EPDM membrane.

EPDM has many benefits but what made it the clear choice for this project was the following:

  • The EPDM membrane comes out in 9 x 30m rolls, meaning fewer seams.
  • EDPM has excellent stretching ability and can adjust to any cracks or shifting substrate.
  • EPDM is safe to install; no flame torches or hot boilers are required to install EPDM rubber systems. It’s chemically applied directly to the surface of the reservoir, which means there’s no risk of fire to the premises.
  • The EPDM will be submerged under water for many years and will be exposed to the harsh African sun. This is not a problem as the EDPM is exhaustively tested to withstand temperatures varying from -40 to 110 degrees Celsius.
  • The manufacturers offer a 20-year product warranty.


The effect of water restrictions on businesses

The drought has had a severe impact on South Africa’s economy. Most provinces are facing challenges of crumbling infrastructure, rampant corruption, lack of financial resources and crippling skills shortages. As citizens we can’t just be looking to government to get us through this crisis – corporates, businesses, and small, medium (SME) and large enterprises have a social duty to play their part in saving water – we all need to take steps to keep our industry and economy going.

The real risk of water to a business has less to do with the cost of water reflected on the balance sheet and more to do with the cost of not having water. Regardless of how much rain falls in the Western Cape over the coming months, interventions are necessary. Tight restrictions can be expected to remain in place until dam storage capacity returns to well over 70%, so businesses might as well get their act together!

Waterproof Lab and Waterbrothers joined forces to waterproof this reservoir effectively and professionally, offering their client one of the best waterproofing systems that the market has to offer. Soon this reservoir will be functional, aiding the city in their massive task of eliminating Day Zero.

Waterbrothers and Waterproof Lab are proud to have participated in this project and are looking forward to assisting other businesses in their social responsibility of saving water to aid our beautiful city.

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