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Waterproof Lab has joined forces with Koster Bauchemie AG. Inline with Waterproof Lab to be the premium distributor and installer of premium waterproofing systems for the building industry in Africa this was a perfect fit.

Koster specialises in the production of high quality waterproofing systems, operates in more than 50 countries and is based in Aurich, Germany. WPL and Koster values are neatly aligned. We believe in environmental protection and a never compromising eye on quality.

Waterproof Lab has joined forces with KÖSTER Bauchemie AG. as Distributor & Installer in Africa

Koster Aqua TPO

With the ever growing water shortages in South Africa, there is more need to preserve our precious commodity than ever before. Waterprooflab has partnered with Koster to supply TPO to the market.

A uniqueness about this product is that it is used for KÖSTER TPO Aqua complies with the hygienic requirements for potable water surroundings according to the German DVGW Worksheet W 270 and the KTW guideline.

Product fields of application are for drinking reservoirs, tanks, water retention structures, fishponds etc.

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koster aqua tpo