Create Beautiful Rooftop Gardens using EPDM

Beautify your wasted roof space and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Waterproof Lab waterproofing practitioners are well-equipped to make your green roof dream a reality.

Carlisle’s Roof Garden Systems provide a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to ensure a high-performance system for virtually any type of application or building type.

We offer both traditional, planted-in-place green roof options as well as a diverse line of modular systems.

Our vegetative options vary based on project location to ensure that every Carlisle Roof Garden features plant varieties suitable for the climate while offering customers a multitude of options for customizing their rooftop to their own tastes and needs.



epdm rooftop garden

With a little imagination there are no limits to what you can create

Advantages of Roof Gardens:

  • Storm water run-off management
  • Reduces urban heat island effects
  • Adds valuable/useable space providing economic benefits
  • Reduces rooftop noise infiltration by up to 40dB
  • Energy efficiency year-round
  • Air and water purification


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Choose the right EPDM Roofing for you

Carlisle's Systems Brochure For EPDM Laid Roofs

Choosing the appropriate membrane is only half of the roofing selection process. It is equally important to select the proper installation method. Much the same way that climatic conditions play a role in membrane selection, environmental factors such as wind and building height are important when choosing an installation method. Carlisle’s roof systems are installed using three quality methods, each with its own specific benefits depending on your building’s location and climate.  With 100 years' experience in residential and roofing waterproofing you cannot go wrong.

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