Waterproofing Cape Town CBD commercial property

The architects and landlords were seeking a solution for the waterproofing of this roof.

It was a complex job for many reasons but one of the most important reasons was that the building would host a Fortune 500 “top 10” company and they desperately needed to get it right and did I say quickly too. Waterproof Lab had 2–3 weeks of uninterrupted time to cover +-1500m2 with plenty of roof detail i.e. penetrations, etc.

They were seeking a waterproofing company and product that could solve these problems:

  1.  Offer more than a 10-year warranty
  2.  Product needed to be UV stable to protect the roof against the harsh African sun
  3.  Minimal seams where water could risk ingress
  4.  No fire or torch on the roof which was a big risk due the existing substrate which was flammable
  5.  A reputable company with good application track record

Waterproof Lab met all the above and more.

  1. Carlisle offers a 20-year product warranty.
  2. Product was built for Arizona and high UV areas. EPDM has passed the highest international stress tests and is MF Global approved.
  3. Waterproof Lab used 6m x 30m Carlisle EPDM membranes. Main reasons was to minimise seams on the roof and for ease of lay.
  4. The membrane was chemically adhered to the substrate and the seams were chemically welded. No fire or torch on was used at all.
  5. Waterproof Lab is an approved applicator and distributor for Carlisle Waterproofing Systems. Carlisle had their 101 year birthday in May 2018 and has proved to be an innovative, leading and reputable Waterproofing and Roofing company in the US.


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