Sealing rusty gutters with EPDM and water-flow control


Waterproof Lab was asked to seal a gutter located in a commercial area that was very badly rusted. The water was filtering down through the rust holes onto the machinery – which can be disastrous for the business owner.

Waterproof Lab has done previous projects for this specific landlord which has been highly successful and was approached by the landlord to seal these gutters with EPDM membrane.

But rusty gutters are not the only issue here; water-flow control also needs to be addressed. In the video, Themi shows how the downpipe is blocked. The downpipe has been sealed meaning that there’s no place for the water in the gutter to go. The gutter is running at an angle but because the downpipe is blocked, the gutter is going to overflow into the building.

Waterproof Lab is excited to tackle this project and to find a solution for this business owner’s particular needs.

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