How to seal your parapet wall and gutter downpipes with EPDM

In this video you can see the end result of a gutter sealed with EPDM rubber membrane. The gutter is sealed all around with Elastoform. There’s no seams for water to disappear in the run-off. The beauty of the EPDM product is that we can really mold around a downpipe with our Elastoform on top of the EPDM. The Elastoform is easy malleable and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and surfaces.

With the rainy winter season starting soon, it’s an excellent time to upgrade your gutters. But why go through the expense and hassle of removing and replacing serviceable box guttering, when you can get another 20-30 years of use out of them?

As long as the box gutter still has structural integrity, we can clean, measure and line the gutter with EPDM, and it will work as good as, or even better than new!

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