Why waterproofing fails and how to fix it

Waterproof Lab has been asked to waterproof a specific section of a commercial property. Waterproofing was done in the past but the product was failing. The main reason for this happening is the fact that the African sun is incredibly harsh and if the waterproofing is not maintained regularly, it basically dries up and cracks and crumbles.

Waterproof Lab’s proposed solution to this commercial client is to remove the old waterproofing and to line the area with EPDM membrane (with least seams as possible). The EPDM will be adhered to the surface with bonding adhesive and not flames.

With a 20-year material warranty on the EPDM product – the landlord will be protecting his/her business by choosing Waterproof Lab

One thought on “Why waterproofing fails and how to fix it

  1. Lillian quinteroe says:

    Flat roofs can be significantly more cost effective to build than pitched roofs or steep slope roofs because they require less material due to the fewer square feet to be covered. Owners have many types of flat roofing materials to choose from rubber rolled roofing, EPDM vs TPO is better.

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