Removing old waterproofing and applying an EPDM balcony wrap

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A balcony adds value to your property especially in a city like Cape Town which offers such incredible views. However, Waterproof Lab is often contacted about problems relating to leaking balconies.

In the first video, Themi from Waterproof Lab is examining the balcony of an apartment situated in the Southern Peninsula. This balcony has been leaking consistently; the water going through the balcony into the downstairs flat. This has led to tension between the neighbours.

Waterproof Lab’s first step to solving this problem was to remove the tiles as well as the existing waterproofing on the balcony. In the video Themi shows how the current waterproofing was badly done; it was not sealed properly, it was uneven, and there were various holes. Around the detailing it was also not sealed properly.

In part 2 of this series you can see how the Waterproof Lab team has screeded the balcony to the fall by a couple of degrees so that water can run off neatly. Particular attention was paid to the placement and sealing of the wrap around the detailing.

The edges of the balcony was wrapped with EPDM membrane which goes over the edges and terminates using an aluminium termination bar.

In part 3, Themi is back at the property after the balcony wrap has been done. ElastoSeal was applied into the corners and the EPDM rubber wrap was placed right over the edge of the balcony. The rest of the balcony was fully covered with EPDM membrane including underneath the sliding door.

The result is that the landlord now basically have a brand-new balcony that will not leak in the future.

Waterproof Lab can add value to your property as well. Contact us today and let us discuss what we can do for you

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