Waterproofing flat decks with EPDM rubber membranes


Waterproof Lab was asked to quote on this flat deck. It is quite a large flat roof with a little bit of detail with the railing and it was cracking. When the plaster cracks even more, it’s going to leak through the concrete, and this expensive building is quickly going to lose its return on investment – obviously a big concern for the landlord. 

The solution is to seal it with our EPDM rubber so that we can offer a 20-year product warranty. This means that when the landlord sells the property he can give a decent solution to the prospective new owner.

After we place our rubber over this large space we can tile on it, or put loose stones or ballast on it keeping the building cool in summer and warm in winter. The client has a lot of options, they can even do decking over it.


If you are a landlord that would like to protect his/her investment, contact us to discuss your options.

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