How leaking balconies can destroy your property

Here is another typical scenario where you have a balcony that’s leaking underneath and causing damage to the living area downstairs. It’s also causing structural cracks as the water has caused the wall to have a lack of integrity.

The Waterproof Lab team removed all the tiles and the existing waterproofing. Where team members lifted the old waterproofing you could see that it was totally wet. The old membrane was leaking, trapping the water underneath, which was then filtering through the balcony and the cement, causing cracks in the walls.

After the removal of the old tiles and waterproofing, the team will be covering the entire balcony, wrapping it with almost one sheet of EPDM rubber membrane (almost no seams) and also wrapping the parapet wall to seal it completely and stop the balcony from leaking.


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