Waterproof Lab seals a leaking balcony

The Waterproof Lab team got called in to provide a solution to a leaking balcony.

Underneath this balcony is a patio/entertainment area. Water was leaking through and damaging the roof. In the living room area (that leads out onto the particular balcony) you could see damage to the ceiling; moisture was coming through and asthmatic individuals living in house had been greatly affected.

Waterproof Lab’s solution was to totally seal the balcony with a product that Waterproof Lab specializes in – an EPDM wrap.

The team removed the balcony tiles and underneath they found another waterproofing product which has clearly failed.

On closer inspection on where exactly it failed, Waterproof Lab founder, Themi Stergianos, focusses on the corner of the balcony. Here you can see a hole; water was running down the wall and into this hole, underneath the original waterproofing membrane, and leaking into the skylights. Opening up the skylights you can clearly see how wet the materials underneath the membrane are.

Not only does Waterproof Lab have a superior product but we pride ourselves in our workmanship; we won’t allow a little hole like that to stop us ̶ we would close it up. Attention to detail is extremely important to our team.

Waterproof Lab’s solution: Wrap the area completely with our rubber membrane, this includes sealing the sides. Go over the wall as water had also penetrated the wall and was leaking through to the patio underneath. Seal the area completely.

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